The custom eyeshadow palette of my sunny dreams

If you’ve had a noozy around my Instagram lately (find me over at @marie.dumaine!), you might have noticed my new love of colour. Bring on the red pants, orange skirts and yellow sweaters! Bye bye to my all black days (okay I might have a few relapses but still). This new found craze for the brights has also slightly translated into my makeup habits. I still like to keep it simple and natural looking but I have found myself CRRAAAVING orange & pink eyeshadows, just like you would crave a nutella after a week of good eating. Apparently my sudden… View Post

My current skincare routine

*Disclaimer: Grab your cup of tea, you are going to be here for a while. Apparently, your girl over here has a pretty great skincare routine! Not throwing flowers at myself, it’s the guy at Sephora that told me. Let me explain! Last week, I made a (dangerous) little trip down to (you guessed it), Sephora. I was, having run out of the night cream I was currently using, on the market for a new one. So I grabed the guy from the skincare section and asked him what he recommended i’d try. To get a better grasp of the… View Post

Let’s talk NUDES

Not THAT kind you twisted little mind! The kind you apply on your lips and what seems to have been the most popular shade range for the past few years. It’s apparently normal now to have 34 shades of kinda very similar looking lipstick. The thing is? They’re actually not. Makeup lovers you will understand me and vouch for this: nudes have their nuances. Right now, in my collection, I am the proud owner of 18 nude lip pencils/lipsticks/lipgloss (which is far from being extravagant… in my opinion…). And I think they each have their own little something special! Some… View Post

Just IN! New makeup buys

After quite a few months of being very good (read: I had only bought makeup once from January to May 2017, say whuut), I’ve had a relapse. New makeup has just been screaming my name and I haven’t resisted. I even inflict it on myself by watching more and more monthly favorites/products worth the hype/makeup collection youtube videos. You can only image how long my shopping list is now (face palm)! So because I guess you are as nosy as I am, let me share with you all the items that made their sneaky way into my shopping basket, let… View Post

4 products to achieve the “I woke up like this” look

Personally, I like to take the time in the mornings to do my makeup. Just a nice way of starting my day thatĀ just helps me wake up slowly. So from Monday through Friday, chances are I’ll be sporting a semi-full face of makeup (you know what I mean right? Just in case you don’t: I do go through quite a few steps but not to the contouring and smokey eye point. Ok now let’s back to the point of this article). BUT! On weekends or days I just want to keepĀ it cool, I have a few products I know I… View Post