Tips for the new blogger out there

new blogger blogging tips

Choose your blog title wisely

This doesn’t mean this decision should keep you up all night but you surely have to give it a thought. Here are a few things you should think about. First, you have to love it, DUH. Then, you should think of something that evokes the content of your blog without being so obvious as you want to differentiate yourself from the others. Finally, if you are planning on keeping up with this blogging business for some time, go for something, well, timeless! You don’t want to be over it in a year…

Go for a simple appealing layout

To get people to read your content, you have to get them to stay on your blog. Color composition, in my opinion, plays such a big part! If your background is black, your text is white and your post titles green (okay I trust you more then that but I’m tryin to make a point here), it’s all going to be too much. Choose a color scheme and stick to it. I also highly recommend going for a simple blog layout that will make it easy for the readers to navigate your website.

Use visuals in your posts

It’s always nice to illustrate your point with some pictures, especially when you are talking about a specific product or piece of clothing. I find it gives more life to a blog! But here’s two things to look out for when using pictures. Make it original. On my blog, I’ve decided to steer away from traditional blog photography and go for colourful collages. Whatever the style you go for, just make it your own. Second, make your visuals as light and clear as possible for them to be pretty to look at!

Be active on social media

Instagram has been such a great way for me to connect with the blogging community and to “promote” my work. And you should be using it too – along with of course Facebook, Twitter and Youtube! If you don’t get yourself out there, chances are nobody will accidentally stubble upon your little internet corner.

Do it for yourself

This might very well be the most important tip I have for you. It is crucial that you embark on the blogging journey for the right reasons. Because it is something you love doing, and not just for the sought after “internet fame”. I started blogging about 3 years ago at a pretty difficult time in my life and it was for me a place were I could escape everything else and feel at peace for a couple of hours. And I kept doing it because it was bringing me positive energy. People will definitely feel it if you are forcing yourself to find a subject to right about only to get more views. It’s a lot more pleasant to read a piece by someone who was genuinely interested about what they were writing about!

Time to go and apply all those tips!


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