An OCD’s tricks to nailing your spring cleaning

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Guys, I am getting excited; spring is here! Sun on my face, fresh air, cute woollen coats and this feeling of a new start are some of my favourite things that come with this change of season. Actually I’ve forgotten one thing from the list… SPRING CLEANING! Yes boys and girls, I am this OCD neat freak that gets way too happy about cleaning up and organizing. I know that for many, keeping your surroundings tidy can seem like quite an overwhelming task; so here are five of my tips to make it all (I hope) a bit easier for you!


Keep an agenda/notebook. The type you buy at the store, not on your computer. Personally, writing things downs can be very helpful to visualize the tasks you have to do and the time you have left to do them. How you organize it is to your choice but I personally like using an agenda so I can write down my meetings, night outs with friends, yoga class, etc. and use a separate notebook to make some to do lists. You will see, its quite rewarding marking things off!


Go through your things and get rid of the ones you are not using. A cluttered environment makes for a cluttered mind. Maybe you are thinking by now that I am a cray cray person but I really do feel like life is much more simple when you only have what you need. For me decluttering is kind of second nature – I get very rarely emotionally attached to material things – but if to you the thought of letting some of your belongings go is daunting, I would recommend getting yourself a book on the art of decluttering – I haven’t read it but I’ve heard a lot about Marie Kondo’s The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up: The Japanese Art of Decluttering and Organizing.


Find a place for everything. Once you’ve got rid of what is not useful, you’ll find yourself with more storage space. When everything has its own place, cleaning up regularly becomes much more easy and quick. You’ll know exactly where the item should be stored and visually, your space will be a whole lot more streamlined.


Set some time aside for cleaning up your space on a (very) regular basis! Since you now only have what you need and everything has its own space, this should only take you about a few minutes everyday. Before heading out the door for work or school, or before hopping in the shower at the end of the day, go room by room, put the stuff away, vacuum and go through your handbag/school bag. Of course you also have to make some time to actually clean your house, i.e. clean the bathroom, mop the floor, etc.


Don’t move. Stay where you are. And clean your computer! As we use it for many many things and spend quite a lot of time on it, it’s important to keep it tidy. First, sort out all of your documents and divide them in well labeled files. Once again, just as in tip no 2, get rid of everything that is not useful anymore. Then, physically give a clean to your computer, especially if you’ve been eating while working on it (and  duh who doesn’t!). Take some paper towel, spray some windex on it and make it shine!

Ready. Set. Go.


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