It isn’t all fun and games!! Good habits to have with your makeup

Makeup is fun. Like a whole lot of fun. Shopping in Sephora (aka one of the most magical place lets be honest), trying out a brand new product for the first time, practicing your technique (yes winged liner, I’m talking to you), etc., etc. But makeup can’t all be all fun and games people!

I am a 100% serious when I say you have to be responsible in your use of makeup. I am always quite surprised, when going through my friend’s makeup bags – and I say this with no judgment at all, its just that I am completely makeup crazy and spend my days (I am only exaggerating a tiny little) learning everything you need to know about beauty – to see that they have been using this one old makeup brush that has never seen the colour of soap and for them to tell me that they’ve been using the same bottle of foundation for the last two years. WHOAZA that was way too long of a sentence. Hope you are still here. (Deep breath in…. aaannnd let’s continue).

Be careful, this could end up being quite bad for you! It’s important to take care of your makeup products and get a bit informed about it all, so here are two healthy habits to adopt right HERE, right NOW.

Wash your makeup brushes

Whether it’s a brush you got with a palette from the drugstore or a terrific Bobbi Brown one, the rule stays the same: you should be washing it once a week. Yes, you’ve read it right! Not only will this help with makeup application, it will also prevent bacteria build up that could then be transferred on to your precious face and lead to pimples and other inconveniences.

Don’t worry, washing up your brushes is quite a simple task! Here’s how I do it. You’ll only need a little bowl filled with dish soap, two small towels and a sink. Wet the brush, dip it in the dish soap, lather it up to get all of the product build up out and rince thoroughly with warm water. Finally, get the excess water out with the first towel and lay the brush flat on the other one to let it air dry for about 12 hours (I like to wash my brushes before going to bed so they have the night to dry). Little tric: if your brushes are still a bit wet the next morning, get the blow dryer out!

Product shelf life

Just like your yogurt, foundation, blush, mascara, etc., all have a «best used by» date. It’s a good thing to keep an eye out for products that could have gone bad and have a little clear out once in a while. As a general rule, you should find, at the back of a product, a little logo that looks like a pot with a number inside which indicates for how many months the product is good to use. If not, you can more of less rely on those numbers :

  • Mascara : 3 to 6 months
  • Foundation et concealer : 12 months
  • Cream products : 6 to 12 months
  • Powder products : 1.5 to 2 years
  • Eye and lip pencil : 2 years
  • Liquid eyeliner : 6 months or less
  • Lipstick : 1 year

Personally, I know I can remember more or less for how long I’ve had a product. And NO, a makeup product won’t get dangerous in a day so you don’t have to go crazy with this. But if you want, you could keep near your makeup bag or drawer, a little note pad in which you can keep track of when you’ve bought a new product (aka be a little OCD about it).


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