Curb that fashion craving, i.e. read Living in style by Rachel Zoe

Rachel Zoe Living in style book stylist recommendation review

My obsession for fashion has always been, of course about the clothes, but mostly about the work that goes behind in the industry. (I’m a nosy nosy person!!!) I’ve spent hours watching documentaries about fashion designers, magazines and supermodels. One TV show that I have throughly enjoyed is The Rachel Zoe Project in which we could follow the exciting professional and personal life of icon stylist (and now fashion designer) Rachel Zoe. She is an incredible woman that I admire so much and who has inspired me in a way to pursue my career dreams.

You can imagine how excited I was when, looking around in the book store, I came across her book – Living in style. It’s not only such a pretty coffee table book, but an incredible interesting one too (always a good scoring point when it comes to books!). I had to restrain myself not to go through it in one sitting; I really wanted to savooooor it.

Without giving it all away to you, this book is her glamorous take on not only fashion but also beauty and home living. It is filled with amazing pictures, tips and Rachel’s experiences in the fashion world. This book kept me hooked for quite a few nights after work and I strongly recommend to all of you fashion obsessed girls out there. There’s really nobody better in my opinion then Rachel Zoe to teach you everything about glamour and style!


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