How to apply lipstick like a pro

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AKA how to avoid the “Miranda Sings” look.

In the last year, God knows a lot of cray cray articles and videos circulated on the Internet on how to get bigger lips, just like the oh so famous Kylie Jenner. But now that the beans have been spilled, we can all go back to our lives and try to plump our lips like decent people. So here are my top tips to get your lips looking on fleek (is that even a cool expression anymore?!).


Use primer. Yep, primer doesn’t only exists for the skin, but for the lips too! Tired of your lipstick always ending up faded after only a few hours? Well primer could very well help you out in this department. I always use my MAC Prep + Prime, especially when wearing bright and bold colours.


Use lip liner. It can be useful in two different ways. First, lip liner will help you out when applying a bold lipstick. Not only will it act as a guideline (we don’t want to look like Miranda Sings don’t way… no offense!!), but also as a barrier for the lipstick not to settle into the creases around your lips. Then, if you want to add dimension to your lips, a nude lip liner will do you the trick. But please please, don’t go crazy with the over drawing. Just follow the outer natural line of your lips!


Use matte lipstick. You know you are going to be out the whole night and might even be eating? Still want to wear a nice bold lipstick? Matte lipstick is the way to go. Matte lipsticks stay on a whole lot longer than creamy lipsticks and M.A.C. has some of my absolute FAVS.


Use lipgloss on the center your lips on top of lipstick. This trick works just like highlighting. Light and glow adds dimension! Just use a bit of a natural/pinky gloss to the center of your lips and just make sure its nicely blended by tapping it in with your finger.



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