Let’s make gluten free banana pancakes

FOOOOOOOOD. One of the best gifts of life imma right?

One thing I’ve really been loving is trying out new and healthy recipes. It makes me feels like such an adult that has it’s life together (it’s that everyone’s quest at the moment?!). Plus, it keeps me from getting bored with my food. I had seen a lot of bloggers and YouTubers bake gluten free banana pancakes and really really really wanted to try it for myself (guilty as charged of following the trend here). And lets be honest, pancakes on a Sunday morning is one of the great pleasure in life SO if I can find a way to make them just a bit healthier thus have an excuse to eat them more often, then why not coconut?! (There’s actually no coconut in them.)

For this recipe, no matter which one you choose – there are a few variations out there – you’ll only need 4 or 5 ingredients. Yes thats right! Nothing fancy schmancy here which is just up my street (told you I was TRYING to make myself feel like an adult, not quite there yet!). I started with 2 normal sized ripped bananas. Interesting – or not – sidenote: I don’t really know why but my dad has always stocked up the fruit bowl with bananas since I was little and I’ve just kept that habit – there’s no worry of running out of it in my household! Then add 2 table spoons of almond butter, 2 eggs and 1/4 tea spoon of baking powder. Just mix it all up, pour the mixture in small portions on parchemin paper and bake in the oven (400°) for 10-15 minutes or until the pancakes are golden.

Sprinkle with fruits and maple syrup (that’s what I like, then again it could be whatever tickles your fancy) and its ready to enjoy! OH and don’t forget to snap your masterpiece and join in the #vegan fun train on the Instagrams.


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