Getting back in the zone. NOW PLEASE!

Or where I find inspiration when I feel in a rut and think my life sucks. Recognize yourself in that sentence? Keep reading.

Spoiler alert, I’ve been feeling a little shitty these past few weeks (getting my four wisdom teeth pulled out might not of helped… oh well). Not all the time of course, but I’ve been having recurring self doubt/what I’m I doing/is this the path to happiness moments. And this happens to everyone, I know I am not going through something groundbreaking here. STILL, it’s no excuse to accept that state of mind! So what do we do? Act on it. More simply said then done you are thinking? Well, I’m here to share a few ways I know best to get my bum bum back into gear and loving life.

Girlboss. Pretty trendy word to throw around these days (and the tittle of a book I 1000% recommend) and there’s a reason for it: girl bosses they are having their moment. And I love it. Looking at what women you find inspiring are doing with their own kick-ass lives can only have one effect: inspire you. Duh! So hop on the YouTubes, grab their book or have a few nights of binge blog reading and you’ll feel the juices flowing again. A few of my faves: Leandra Medine (actually obsessed with her but shut!), Alexa Chung, Estée Lalonde, Lili Pebbles and Anna Gardner (they come in a pair and btw you need to listen to their new podcast “At home with”).

Home. Is where the heart is. Might be cheesy but I find it so true! When I start feeling all shaky in life, I like to make my surroundings feel as welcoming as possible. Get the best out of your daily environment and you’ll see a definite change in your mood. Do a good spring clean, re-arrange your closet or just spend quality time with friends and family in the home you love and you will already feel a lot more grounded.

Sweat. Okay okay, I know we’ve all heard it so many times! But getting your moves on will make you feel better for sho. It’s science! (I’ll give you a few minutes to go and Google the actual physical and mental benefits of exercices). But I can tell you right here and now that finding a workout you love (no. running is not for everyone. LIE.) and making a point to spend time on yourself will pay off. You will only feel stronger and have more energy to go after those positive vibes.

Get out there. Again, this implies that you get off the couch… so sorry about it! But really, experiencing life is just the best way to remind you how fun it can be. No need to make it complicated (you can also decide to take a two week trip to Costa Rica, that sounds cool), but just get out and do fun things. Make a reservation to this cool restaurant you’ve always wanted to go to, have a girls night out dancing with your bffs, book a week-end trip to some place quiet outside the city. Just do something different and allow yourself to have some fun. Cause fun brings fun and you won’t want to make it stop.

Hope it helps! In the meantime, feel free to share your own awesomeness tips. I’m always looking for new ones!


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