Confessions of the crazy shoes obsession

Hi, my name is Marie, and I have shoe problem. Not any kind of shoe problem. A serious addiction to crazy, way way out there shoes. And also how many times will I say (write) the word “shoe” in this post?

I feel like I’ve really been finding my sense of style these past few weeks (BIG statement here, see how long this lasts). Like I’ve finally realized what to throw on my bod to make me feel good and like a boss lady. And part of that, is crazy, colourful, blinged out, you name it, shoes. I see them. I want them. And I’ve been buying them. So I thought, as they obsess me so much right now, I would share them with the world (well with you…). Cause just like a new mom, I think they are the cooooolest thing ever and everybody should just look at them.

In there, we’ve got bright orange, satin, slingback, ornamented Zara flats. They literally have everything going for them. That’s exactly why I fell so hard in love!!! Wanna know what my sister said when she saw them? “They look like the shoes a slut would wear to her first communion”. Apparently a good thing… I’ll take it!

Also from Zara, we have the extra frilly, bright green, satin again, slides. Bought those just before leaving on vacation. Cause of course, I thought to myself: “you can’t just be wearing normal flip flops like everybody”. Wore them to the beach and completely intend on wearing them with city outfits too. They can only look good with everything right?

The newest addition to the collection is a pair of super metallic, high heel sandals (ALDO Izabela). A neutral I thought! Well, my kind of neutrals. The IN YO FACE one. I see them as the perfect pair to throw with whatever outfit needs a bit more wow factor.

And finally, the ones I am lusting after… The search is never ending! Last year, I bought a pair of the-most-simple-yet-cute black sandal from Sam Edelman (obsessed with the brand btw) and I wore them to death. I definitely need to find them a replacement for this summer and I thought, why not have just a little more fun!? Even with the “supposed to be boring” pair you should own. So I found fluffy ones (STEVE MADDEN Imelda) ! There is no getting boring around here this summer.



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