4 products to achieve the “I woke up like this” look

Personally, I like to take the time in the mornings to do my makeup. Just a nice way of starting my day that just helps me wake up slowly. So from Monday through Friday, chances are I’ll be sporting a semi-full face of makeup (you know what I mean right? Just in case you don’t: I do go through quite a few steps but not to the contouring and smokey eye point. Ok now let’s back to the point of this article).

BUT! On weekends or days I just want to keep it cool, I have a few products I know I can count on to give me that no makeup makeup look. The one where you can get out the door in 5 minutes, no fuss, but still not have to change sides of the street if you see someone you know. Ya know. Wan’t to know what they are? Keep on reading, I’ll spill the beans.

Nars radiant creamy concealer: We are skipping foundation here! But let’s not kid ourselves, we still need a little help in the hiding the fact we are tired department. That can easily be done by applying this concealer to the zones that need help, which most likely be the under-eye, around the nose and a few pimples here and there. I suggest blending everything in with a sponge to keep things looking super duper natural. I absolutely love this number from Nars as it’s neither too matte nor shiny and offers quite a great deal of coverage. Side note: very interested in trying out their newest launch, the Matte complete concealer!

Hourglass Lighting bronzer in Luminous bronze light: Again, cheating everyone in making them think we are well rested. This time by adding just a touch of bronzy glow to our cheeks and forehead (I recommend using a big round brush and applying in a circular motions).

Mascara, mascara, mascara: Our best friend! If I had to choose just one makeup product to use, this would be it. If your lashes pack a punch, then you are reading to face the day eyes on. Just use the one you currently have on rotation and you know you can trust (I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, mascara is so personal when it comes to preferences).

Chanel Rouge Coco Ultra hydrating lip colour in Adrienne: Thanks to Anna (from the Anna Edit) for getting me hooked on this lipstick. Not the cheapest one, but man, what would I do without it? (Pretty sure I would be very much fine but at the moment it comes with me everywhere). It’s just the perfect barely there lipstick. Slightly shiny, nudy in shade, creamy on the lips, it tops off this natural look to perfection!

Now time to go fool everyone into thinking I just woke up like this.


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