Just IN! New makeup buys

After quite a few months of being very good (read: I had only bought makeup once from January to May 2017, say whuut), I’ve had a relapse. New makeup has just been screaming my name and I haven’t resisted. I even inflict it on myself by watching more and more monthly favorites/products worth the hype/makeup collection youtube videos. You can only image how long my shopping list is now (face palm)! So because I guess you are as nosy as I am, let me share with you all the items that made their sneaky way into my shopping basket, let it be in store or online!

My Cult Beauty order

Never heard of Cult Beauty? Let me rock your world! It’s a beauty shopping website that was founded by Alexa Inge (I’ll be forever thankful to her) back in 2006 as a resource to help women make the best choices, free from the fuss of marketing tactics. From skin care to make up, you’ll only find la crème de la crème of products that have been hand picked by her and her expert panel for their efficacy and stand-alone brilliance. Thus the name; Cult Beauty. Plus, as a Canadian obsessed with British beauty bloggers, it’s the only place I can get a lot of products they rave about.

First to make it in my last order was the Charlotte Tilbury Matte Revolution lipstick in the shade Pillow Talk. That name rings a bell? That’s because the lip pencil version has been a cult product for a few years now. Obsessed with the shade, I jumped up and down with joy when she announced the launch of the lipstick. Cause let’s be honest, drawing you lips all over with a pencil isn’t the most practical thing (but a girl gotta do what she gotta do). Also from Charlotte Tilbury, I picked up her Eye to mesmerise Long-Lasting Easy Cream Eyeshadow in the shade Bette. I looooove myself some cream and bronze eyeshadow and this is exactly what it is. Only heard raving reviews! I took a little bit of a risk with the last item as I haven’t read much about it. From the Korean beauty brand Thank You Farmer, I got the Sun Project Water Sun SPF. What I do know is that it is supposed to be extremely light on the skin, making it a great contender as my daily SPF.

Luxury buys at Sephora

I had the chance to attend a VIB Rouge event with a friend a few weeks ago (she knows how obsessed I am with makeup and thought I would make the perfect guest, THANKS!) and treated myself to two verrrry luxury items I had been lusting afters for months. That is the YSL Rouge Volupté Shine lipstick in the shade 43 and the Dior Nude Air Luminizer powder in the shade 02. Already know it was worth it as I’ve pretty much been using both of them daily!

The Anna Edit made me buy it

One of my all time fav beauty youtuber/blogger is Anna from The Anna Edit: I am obsessed with her and I’m not even ashamed of it. She’s the best! Anyway, my point is, she, on her side, has been obsessed with a foundation. The It Cosmetics Your skin but better CC+ cream (my summer shade is Light). She goes on and on and on about it so of course, I had to have it too. Got on the the Ulta website (good new, they now ship to Canada *hurray*) and place my order. You want to know what? I completely understand her now. It was love at first application! Everything from the shade, to the texture, to the smell, to the coverage gets an A+ for me.


So there you have it! The exhaustive report of my #feelingspendy purchases. All great ones if you ask me.


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