Let’s talk NUDES

Not THAT kind you twisted little mind! The kind you apply on your lips and what seems to have been the most popular shade range for the past few years. It’s apparently normal now to have 34 shades of kinda very similar looking lipstick. The thing is? They’re actually not.

Makeup lovers you will understand me and vouch for this: nudes have their nuances. Right now, in my collection, I am the proud owner of 18 nude lip pencils/lipsticks/lipgloss (which is far from being extravagant… in my opinion…). And I think they each have their own little something special! Some of them are more on the pinky side as others have a browny or coral undertone. The choices are endless my friend, let me tell you! Feel a little lost in that sea or beige? Just need to feed your addiction? Right this way, I’ll tell you all about the ones that have stolen my heart.

There is one combo I have been wearing over and over again and that is a mix of Twig and Honey love from M.A.C. Layered in that particular order, they create for me the perrrrfect, custom made, brwony/beige nude. Plus, I am just head over heals in love with the creamy texture and bomb colour payoff they offer. Next in line is the Charlotte Tilbury Matte Revolution lipstick in Pillow Talk. Our love story goes back to it’s lip pencil sister that came out a few years back and that everyone went crazy for. Now comes in a lipstick form? I’ll take that too. This one is more on the pinky side (in a still very wearable way) which makes it great feminine/summery option!

Now, the “most easy to throw on” prize has to been awarded to the Chanel Rouge Coco in the shade Adrienne. I’m about the make a bold statement here: if I had to keep only one lipstick (what I nightmare!!!), pretty sure this would be the one to make the cut. DDAAMMNN. Ever so slightly peachy in shade, the most creamy in texture and almost glossy in finish (hello plump lips!), it’s pretty much perfection.

I am not really one for liquid lipstick and far from having tried everything out there, but I would very much recommend, for an affordable and smudge free option, the NYX Soft Matte Lip Cream in Stockholm. A beauty blogger favourite! It’s a very wearable shade and the formula, I find, is mucho confortable on the lips. An easy one to throw in your bag and apply on the go to finish up your look.

So there you have it, my top contenders when it comes to nude lipsticks! Let me know in the comments what are yours! This girl here will never have too many…


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