Yes, I am a face cleanser hoarder

Honestly, my bathroom is spilling out with cleansers. No one needs as many and still, I have a wishlist of 3 or 4 I want to add to the already outrageous collection I am hoarding. The ones I currently have, I’ve been testing and using for many months now. So I thought: why not actually justify my addiction and share with you all why I love each of them. Maybe you’ll find one you might want to try out! Karine Joncas 4 in 1 Firming Cleanser with Collagen This is the one I use the most, I’d probably say on a… View Post

Shine bright, summer is here

In the last year, nudes have been the trend to follow. And I love it (no one can have to many nudy shade lipsticks right!?). But with the start of summer (ok kinda…), I can’t resist the urge to get all of my colourful items out. Rosy and orangy tones, nothing beats them to the punch when making you look fresh and bring sunshine to yo face. So here are just a few items to get your hands on when you feel it’s time for a little switch-a-roo for the new season! Lise Watier Blush-on in Libertine: This blush might seem a liiiiiitle scary to you… View Post

Confessions of the crazy shoes obsession

Hi, my name is Marie, and I have shoe problem. Not any kind of shoe problem. A serious addiction to crazy, way way out there shoes. And also how many times will I say (write) the word “shoe” in this post? I feel like I’ve really been finding my sense of style these past few weeks (BIG statement here, see how long this lasts). Like I’ve finally realized what to throw on my bod to make me feel good and like a boss lady. And part of that, is crazy, colourful, blinged out, you name it, shoes. I see them. I… View Post

Getting back in the zone. NOW PLEASE!

Or where I find inspiration when I feel in a rut and think my life sucks. Recognize yourself in that sentence? Keep reading. Spoiler alert, I’ve been feeling a little shitty these past few weeks (getting my four wisdom teeth pulled out might not of helped… oh well). Not all the time of course, but I’ve been having recurring self doubt/what I’m I doing/is this the path to happiness moments. And this happens to everyone, I know I am not going through something groundbreaking here. STILL, it’s no excuse to accept that state of mind! So what do we do? Act… View Post

Bringing sexy back with Elizabeth and James Nirvana Bourbon

No this post is not about Justin Timberlake. Sorry if I miss-led you. Summer fragrances are all about evoking something fresh, floral and sun kissed. But when winter rolls around, it’s time to bring a little sexy back. I know I crave for something warmer, woodier, almost unisex. The thing is, I am a pretty picking chooser when it comes to perfumes. I have a vision and really need the fragrance to match it for it to make it home. Nirvana Bourbon from Elizabeth and James just ticked all the boxes. I had wanted to get the Elizabeth and James black and… View Post