Découvrir l’Avenue Laurier Ouest

Il y a une petite rue à Montréal que j’affectionne tout particulièrement: l’Avenue Laurier Ouest. Ce petit coin de la ville qui est bien méconnu, surtout de la plus jeune génération (!), est l’un de mes préféré depuis bien des années. Se partageant entre le chic quartier d’Outremont et le Plateau, Laurier Ouest est une petite avenue sur laquelle j’adore aller me perdre. Et je dois dire que les gens en sont toujours assez étonnés. L’Avenue Laurier Ouest a en effet une réputation d’être inaccessible, réservée aux gens fortunés du coin. Bien loin de la vérité! Bordée de petits commerces tous plus sympathiques les… View Post

100% drugstore makeup starter kit

Long time no see! It’s crazy how fast days are passing by and before I knew it, it had been 2 weeks since I had written up a post for you guys. Let’s get back to our makeup chat! I wanted to put together for you ze perfect beginner’s makeup kit. 100% drugstore. 100% affordable. What a fun little game! So let’s start shopping shall we? You’ll find of course in this makeup grocery list a foundation. *Started from the base and now where here* This first item is one of the priciest items in the bunch, but that is ohhh so worth it in my… View Post

OH NO, it’s empty!

For me, getting through a product is a pretty good sign it’s a winnaaahhh. With all the products I’ve accumulated over time and the ones I continue to test out, it’s pretty rare for me to finish up a product before having to let it go (little blog post here on product’s shelf live!). These ones, I’ve just been using day in and day out and have finally made it through. Conclusion:  I would tots recommend them to you all. Kate Somerville Nourish daily moisturizer : My skin is definitely one to be on the dryer/dehydrated side of things. Although… View Post

How to apply lipstick like a pro

AKA how to avoid the “Miranda Sings” look. In the last year, God knows a lot of cray cray articles and videos circulated on the Internet on how to get bigger lips, just like the oh so famous Kylie Jenner. But now that the beans have been spilled, we can all go back to our lives and try to plump our lips like decent people. So here are my top tips to get your lips looking on fleek (is that even a cool expression anymore?!). TIP 1 Use primer. Yep, primer doesn’t only exists for the skin, but for the lips too! Tired… View Post

Curb that fashion craving, i.e. read Living in style by Rachel Zoe

My obsession for fashion has always been, of course about the clothes, but mostly about the work that goes behind in the industry. (I’m a nosy nosy person!!!) I’ve spent hours watching documentaries about fashion designers, magazines and supermodels. One TV show that I have throughly enjoyed is The Rachel Zoe Project in which we could follow the exciting professional and personal life of icon stylist (and now fashion designer) Rachel Zoe. She is an incredible woman that I admire so much and who has inspired me in a way to pursue my career dreams. You can imagine how excited… View Post