It isn’t all fun and games!! Good habits to have with your makeup

Makeup is fun. Like a whole lot of fun. Shopping in Sephora (aka one of the most magical place lets be honest), trying out a brand new product for the first time, practicing your technique (yes winged liner, I’m talking to you), etc., etc. But makeup can’t all be all fun and games people! I am a 100% serious when I say you have to be responsible in your use of makeup. I am always quite surprised, when going through my friend’s makeup bags – and I say this with no judgment at all, its just that I am completely… View Post

An OCD’s tricks to nailing your spring cleaning

Guys, I am getting excited; spring is here! Sun on my face, fresh air, cute woollen coats and this feeling of a new start are some of my favourite things that come with this change of season. Actually I’ve forgotten one thing from the list… SPRING CLEANING! Yes boys and girls, I am this OCD neat freak that gets way too happy about cleaning up and organizing. I know that for many, keeping your surroundings tidy can seem like quite an overwhelming task; so here are five of my tips to make it all (I hope) a bit easier for… View Post

Taking time to eat a healthy breakfast

We’ve been told since we were little, that breakfast is the most important meal of the day. And I agree! I’ve always been an advocate of taking the time for a good, filling breakfast. But I have to confess that in the last year or so, I’ve had a hard time finding (OKAY OKAY taking) the time to feed my belly before starting my day. Having to leave the house earlier then when I was in school, and so having less time before heading out the door, breakfast as a priority has flown out the window. At one point, I was… View Post

Oil it up

The makeup and beauty world is pro at new releases. It seems like every week there is a product launch to get exited about. And a few months ago my lip product addiction got fed with the introduction of a whole new concept. Drum roll please….. LIP OILS! Oils have had their moment for quite some time when it comes to skincare and they are now making a hit into the makeup world. Everything about this new concept I like. I am not a huge fan of lip glosses. I often find them to wash out my lip colour and feel… View Post

Finishing powders for every budget

Finishing powders are quite an interesting product in the sense that the goal is for you not to see them on your skin. The best in the game are so finely milled and unnoticeable once applied. None the less, they are an important step in a makeup look, setting everything in place and avoiding your T zone, or any other zone on your face, to get all oily throughout the day. The drugstore gem : Rimmel Stay Matte Long-Lasting pressed powder You MUST have heard of the Rimmel Stay Matte powder. It’s in every beauty blogger’s collection and has been talked about a… View Post