Tips for the new blogger out there

Choose your blog title wisely This doesn’t mean this decision should keep you up all night but you surely have to give it a thought. Here are a few things you should think about. First, you have to love it, DUH. Then, you should think of something that evokes the content of your blog without being so obvious as you want to differentiate yourself from the others. Finally, if you are planning on keeping up with this blogging business for some time, go for something, well, timeless! You don’t want to be over it in a year… Go for a… View Post

Discovering Odacité skincare

A few weeks ago (*this post was first up last winter on my old blog), I had the pleasure of being invited to the Montreal launch of the line Odacité. I was super duper excited to share that with you all as I’m sure you will all love the brand as much as I do. And the story behind the whole brand is amazing. After being diagnosed with breast cancer, the founder, Valérie Grandury, started to blend her own freshly made skincare. First only available to exclusive clients around the world, it can now be enjoyed by you and me.… View Post

For radiant, healthy, glowing skin all year long

As winter is taking its toll on our skin (our summer glow now seems like a distant dream, cue crying), it is time to change up the makeup routine, especially when it comes to the base. Time to infuse back a bit of life into our dull and dry looking complexion! Of course, no need to say that a good skincare routine plays a huge roll, but makeup too can come in handy. So in here I’ve put together my trusted products for natural, healthy, glowing skin. Bourjois Healthy mix serum foundation : I completely fell in love with this foundation… View Post